Booking Conditions

A booking is accepted on receipt of full payment accompanied by completed online. Booking Form which must include:

 - Trainee’s Contact details

 - Emergency Contacts

 - Medical Declaration


Cancellation Policy

In the event of a booking being cancelled by the applicant there will be no refund. However we will endeavour to re-sell the space and if successful will refund a proportion of the payment at our discretion. You are strongly recommended to take out cancellation insurance in the event of your being unable to take up a booking for whatever reason.

Oysterhaven Marine Ltd reserves the right to cancel a voyage for any reason including, but not limited to, severe weather which may endanger the safety of the vessel and the crew. In the event of such a cancellation a refund will be made on a pro rata basis for any 24 hour period lost. In the event of the voyage being disrupted by bad weather, but notcancelled, suitable alternative activities will be organised, either on board or on shore.