Meeting Expectations

Youth Development Voyages

On a voyage on board Spirit of Oysterhaven you can expect to:

Sail this beautiful 70 foot classic schooner as a member of crew under the supervision of qualified professionals - no experience necessary, you will learn everything on board!

Enjoy the fun and camaraderie of being a crewmember - the exhilaration of sailing on the ocean wave, the excitement of piloting into unfamiliar harbours, the wonder of sailing at night under a starry sky.

Learn how to set and stow sails, helm the ship, tie knots, read the weather and predict tides.

This exciting adventure offers the participants the opportunity to overcome fears, push boundaries and take on new responsibilities in a challenging environment.

Sail training promotes self-confidence, enhances self-esteem and develops leadership, teamwork and communication skills.

Your sail training experience will take place in a friendly and supportive environment under the care of qualified professionals whose first priority is always the safety and welfare of the crew on board.


What can I expect to leave with?

A new set of skills

A huge sense of achievement

Loads of new friends

Confidence to take on new challenges

STI Certificate in Deckwork and watchkeeping

Youth Pass Certificate - An EU personal development cert


What can I expect on board?

I will learn about myself, my crewmates and my ability to lead

I will learn about the sea and how to sail and steer a ship

I will face challenges and I will learn the skills to meet them

My learning will be my own experience

Youths participating in a voyage on board Spirit of Oysterhaven will come away with great memories of their time on board - the support of their crew members, the thrill of sailing and an enhanced self confidence and self awareness.


Our youth development voyages are handled by our Voyage Partners through Sail Training Ireland- if you are interested in joining one of these voyages please email