Club Cruising in Spain 

In  July and August Spirit will cruise the Rias of Galicia in Northern Spain, from Baiona to Camarinos, dipping into the beautiful rias of Arosa and Muros. Coastal cruising gives the opportunity to visit remote anchorages and beaches and have time to explore ashore and sample the menus of local reastaurants, while at the same time enjoying some great sailing in lovely cruising conditions.

If you would like to join us for a coastal cruise in Galicia please get in touch and let us know what dates would suit you. We need to get a crew of a minimum of four for each voyage so we will try and match your dates those of other club members and put a group together.

We need to make each voyage cover its costs so everyone is expected to make a contribution to shared running expenses which works out @ €120 per person per night for a minimum group of 6.

All crew members will be members of Spirit of Oysterhaven Club for which the once off subscription is €50. 

Important : What to bring on the cruise...