Voyage Partners 2017

It is a feature of Sail Training, particularly among the Tall Ships, that youngsters are encouraged to get their first experience of life at sea with support from bursary foundations.

We are extremely fortunate to have the support of a large number of organisations who are willing to help young people from a variety of backgrounds and physical abilities get a taste of life at sea. For 2015 the following organisations have sourced public and private funding in order to sponsor trainees to have the experience of sailing on board Spirit of Oysterhaven.

Sail Training Ireland


Cobh Trad Sail Regatta

Safe Haven Voyages  :



You can read about our voyages, watch slideshows and videos, on the following links:

Drogheda Port Maritime Festival and Voyages :

Main Sponsor: Drogheda Port Company

Cobh Trad Sail Regatta and Voyage :

Main Sponsor: Cobh Trad Sail Regatta

Irish Cruising Club 85th Anniversary Cruise : (Download ICC Log)

Main Sponsor: Irish Cruising Club 

Port of Cork Adventure Sailing Week :

Main Sponsor: Port of Cork 

Additional Sponsors: Institute of Master Mariners

National Maritime College of Ireland

Lee Shipping Co

Ardmore Shipping Co

West Cork Adventure Sailing

Sponsors: Léargas, Hugh Kavanagh Bursary